FORTHcrs, subsidiary of FORTHNET SA, is the leading provider of on-line Integrated Booking management and ticketing solutions. Since 2000, FORTHcrs has developed extensive experience in covering the needs of the Ferry Operators, the Sales Distribution Network (consisting of tour agents and preferred service agents – PSAs) and the Maritime Ports. FORTHcrs has unparalleled experience in supporting complex business needs, already servicing the Greek market in its entirety, a significant percentage of the Italian Market, the Adriatic, the ferry connections between Greece and Turkey and customers in Morocco and the Caribbean.

The FORTHcrs offering in the ferry industry comprises of the following core modules:

  • SeaOnLineTM. The most advanced, comprehensive booking system for Ferry and Cruise operators. It covers the needs of at least 75 active Ferry operators.
  • SeaConnectTM. The distribution mechanism developed by FORTHcrs, which supports multiple policies for different geographies and the demanding needs of the ferry industry, able to be combined with other types of tourism to offer integrated tourism solutions. This mechanism supports reliably the tourism sector peaking up to 2,5 mil transactions per day.
  • OpenSeasTM Suite of programs (Agency, Web Services, White Label). They are interfaces addressed to street agents, internet agents and PSAs/GSAs around the world. Their most significant characteristic is the speed of operation. Over 7.000 travel agencies are using the OpenSeas Suit of programs.
  • Mobile SeasTM. This is a generic, fast booking engine for mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, addressed to Ferry operators, Travel Agents, Institutional Service Providers.
  • Check-in. They are fully comprehensive solutions to support paperless and paper-full ticket options, addressed to Ferry Operators and Port Authorities.

The Ferry Industry solutions are complemented with a proved Credit Limit Management Service, Travel Insurance designed exclusively for the Ferry transportation, and complementary tourism services, including dynamic packaging, theater and venues ticketing.

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