One Appy

Mobile Solutions for Hotels

Your hotel’s reception and concierge always with your guests. At any place. At any time.

 Talk and listen to your guests even if they are not in the hotel.

 No matter if your hotel is small or large … you can offer these services and many more to your guests!

One Appy is your hotels’ mobile app running on your guests’ smartphone or tablet & the web platform that enables you to dynamically tailor the app’s content and manage One Appy solution, taking any advantage of the mobile era.

It is easy to launch in just a few hours, highly configurable, affordable and can make your hotel ‘mobile’ fast!– no technical skills, no hardware and no upfront investments required.

Why One Appy Hotel?

  • Increase revenue by upselling and/or cross-selling your services and their value
  • Increases effectiveness of your marketing efforts by adding this direct marketing channel to your marketing initiatives as you can send targeted messages to individuals or groups
  • Helps you improve your services by receiving direct customer feedback
  • Strengthen business relationships with local partners (e.g. restaurants, coffee shops etc.)

Other benefits for you

  • You may reach your guests at all time, 24/7
  • Promote your hotel and the experience that your hotel offers
  • Sends ad-hoc information through push notifications
  • Receives personalized messages, feedback and reports from your guests
  • Produces great reviews as it is an unexpected service
  • Ensures memorable holidays to your hotel’s guests

It is easy, it is flexible, it is One Appy

ONE APPY is a registered trademark of EVERIT
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Tel: +30 212 000 6000