A step beyond personalization: the impact of a contextual web+booking engine on direct bookings

"Ilissos" Meeting Room 17/11/2015 15:20 - 15:40

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Joao Trindade – GuestCentric

Hoteliers already know that the hotel’s official website is their most important sales channel. Therefore, they are dedicating more time and care to it, investing in websites that are able to reflect properties’ look and feel and the unique experience guests will have there.

However, a good looking website is not enough anymore. Costumers are often frustrated because hotels’ websites do not offer a seamless shopping journey – some of them display offers and packages that don’t match the booking engine, others do not allow guests to book the exactly room they are looking in a specific page and so on. Hoteliers are losing lots of sales opportunities and here is where a contextual web+booking can help them make the most of their website.

Joao’s presentation will focus on what is a good website, what is a good booking engine and what is a good connection between both, maximizing the advantage of having one system to take care of both and the impact on direct bookings and online revenue.