The Impact of Sharing Economy on Hospitality

"Ilissos" Meeting Room 17/11/2015 11:10 - 11:25

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Vanguelis Panagiotis – MKG Group

Is sharing economy a passing phase or something that came to stay? What will be its impact on the hospitality industry? What market share can it potentially reach? What segments of the market are more likely to be influenced?

Mr. Vanguelis Panagiotis of MKG Group will give us some insights on this important issue. MKG Group is the leading European consulting firm for the hotel business, food service and tourism industries.

The company is specialized in four core activities:

• Market surveys
• Quality control
• Database management
• Industry press & three major annual events (Worldwide Hospitality Awards, Global Lodging Forum & TourInvest Forum)

MKG Group head offices are in Paris; we also have offices in London, Berlin, Nicosia and now in Athens.